Daniel & Mary Munoz

Since registering for the seminary, my wife and I have been growing by leaps and bounds in this pure radical grace, finished works message. By the time the both of us have completed the course, we will undoubtedly be better equipped as a husband and wife team to open our home for a group gathering on Sundays and be able to shout this awesome message out from the rooftops. Not only is it better equipping us for this in home gathering, but it greatly enhances how I share this wonderful grace message with my customers, employees and extended family. We could not be more pleased than what we already are with GGSO. It has one of the best formats and structure, which is very easy to navigate, very easy to understand, and last, but not least, they have chosen some of world's finest, top notch professors of this pure radical grace message to teach us, all in one place. I would highly recommend this seminary to anyone who is desirous of delving into the much deeper truths of this grace message. Daniel & Mary Munoz, San Antonio/Boerne, Texas.

Paul's Testimony

I took the usual route into ministry: I was a jazz trumpet player and night club owner! Five years ago – which was 18 years after Jesus called me to start a church (with "only" a music and business background), I was first introduced to radical grace through Steve McVey. After reading his first books and learning from his online teaching for a year, I emailed him and asked if there was a seminary anywhere that I could send a young man whom I thought had potential to lead our church when I no longer could. His reply? "Sadly, no." So I continued to grow in grace as I read each of Steve's new books, listened to him every week, and read and listened to people whom he recommended like Baxter Kruger and Jeff Turner. Then I found out Steve was one of the teachers at A GLOBAL GRACE SEMINARY! I'm trying to convey my elation in a written testimony and am aware that even words like excitement, anticipation, and gratitude can't do it justice! As I've studied each week, I've learned that I'm not alone! There are wonderful pastors who started their grace journeys 10, 15, 20 years before me who are willing to share what the Holy Spirit has been revealing and confirming to them and they've been passing on to their churches. I've learned some things that I hoped were true—but didn't have the biblical foundation yet to be confident in my hopes. I've learned some unexpected and astonishing things about Jesus' Finished Work and the Trinity's initial desire for us that are just amazing! Finally the answer to my question about seminary is Yes! Isn't that just like Jesus, in whom all things are "Yes!" Paul Gray, Founding Pastor, New Life In Christ Church, Lawrence, Kansas.

Ken's Testimony

"GGSO is an excellent way to dive deeper into the wonderful truth of Christ's finished work on the cross and the marvelous love of God. It serves to prepare you for a life of ministering this life changing message to the world. Having all these wise teachers together in one spot, and its legitimacy as an actual seminary are other reasons to attend GGSO. Since 1996 God has been showing me these truths, and just when I thought I knew all there was to know, God used GGSO to open my eyes to even deeper truths. I highly recommend RGSO to anyone who has had a revelation of God's All inclusive love and wants to know more about what the Bible says about this truth.

Nicholas A. Harwell

Global Grace Seminary Online came to me at a time in my life where I was in the beginning stages of my full recovery from 3 years of addiction. God answered my family's prayers by solidly delivering me to a recovered and sober state of spirit and mind as the Love of God was pouring into my life in the form of freedom from addictions, health, and security in faith. Then I learned about this seminary and my love and relationship with Christ undertook a punctuated equilibrium so to speak, a surge, and in a few weeks of classes I had more of a sound mind then I had ever had in all my 23 years of life and counting. These classes are extremely enjoyable, enlightening, and full of Biblical nourishment and healing for the mind, body, and soul, in God's truth.
I am profoundly thankful God gave me this opportunity to learn Him in His perfect ways. This seminary has been and is extremely valuable to me in giving me a place to study the eternal rock I stand upon in this extraordinary life and I plan to graduate and fulfill my dream of missioning and sharing the message of the Grace and Love of God to all his children across the world.

Mario and Olivia Andrade

Our journeys started on different paths and shortly after getting married, it started full force after many discussions and searching for answers we were not receiving from our current church at the time. We started our own research on church history and the teachings of the early church fathers as well a studying bible translation history. With much excitement, God led us to Grace Point Community Church where Pastor Don reiterated what we were discovering on this journey. I was excited about this radical grace message and asked Pastor Don if there were any seminaries teaching this message. It just so happened that he was already in the process of organizing this seminary! I'm so grateful for GGSO and was so excited to learn from others who've had much experience in radical grace teachings. After only a few short weeks of seeing my excitement with the teachings, my wife joined as well and we are so excited about where this journey has taken us. RGSO is very extensive and thorough in its curriculum, the teachers are some of the best we've seen and the education we are receiving is invaluable. We know without a doubt that we will be well prepared to teach and preach this message to anybody we encounter. We look forward to impacting the Galveston county area with this message of inclusion through Jesus Christ. Thank you GGSO!! -Mario and Olivia Andrade

Global Grace Seminary

"Global Grace Seminary has absolutely nothing to do with our efforts, it's all about what God has done & the fact that there's
nothing we can do to add or take away from Christ's finished work at the cross"

Classes are starting now.